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Sometimes, it is the little things that make the big difference!!

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WINTER...(Well, Almost; it snowed here three days ago)....2017!!


     Here we are again, November and it's getting colder and colder outside. By now, if you haven't winterized your RV, you'd best be looking for the opportunity to get it done or keep it plugged in with the furnace and a couple space heaters on. If you use space heaters, in storage or for living purposes, please be sure to follow all the safety precautions possible. It only takes one mistake to start a fire and more quickly than you can imagine, your RV is engulfed and untold damage is done let alone, the possibility of loss of life ---- yours or a loved one or pets. This subject turns us to another dangerous situation that just occurred to a friend and customer of mine in a neighboring community. He called not long ago and told me his motorhome caught on fire and burned. After ensuring me that he and his wife were safe, he related that the fire was caused by his refrigerator. Yes, there was a working recall sensor on it; no, it was not operating on propane, but on regular 110 VAC electricity; yes, the yellow coolant (ammonium chromate) did leak out. He didn't know if it was before, during or after the fire. Cause has not yet been established, but the fire did start at the refrigerator. Much damage was done by the fire in melting the fiberglass body of the RV, soot inside the coach, water damage from the fire department hoses, chemical damage from fire extinguishers, and on and on.  Financially, he hopes the insurance company will total-loss the coach.  Here is the safety concern and prevention steps that I have for you. Obviously, the refrigerator is a very important piece of equipment in our RVs. It is also, as told above, a source of fire. Therefore, it is worthy of our attention on a regular basis; not just when it malfunctions. Start including the back of the refrigerator in your regular maintenance tasks that you perform frequently with your coach. Each time you take the RV out, each time you defrost the frig, and each time you winterize or de-winterize your rig. Clean the back area behind the vented door. Look for any residue or yellow powder, look for water leaks, check all the wires for any burn marks, and finally, be sure the insulation is in place around the the burner tubes above the burner. If you have doubts, call a technician to check it out. It is always smarter to be safe than sorry! Let's keep this year and the future safe from these disasters by taking a couple extra steps for safety.


 Bet you thought I wasn't going to opine this time! Can't waste a good opportunity to try and get some sheep to follow the right shepherd!!!!

I cease to be amazed at the people we have elected in the past who are still serving in the present Congress! I can not believe that we have allowed these 'skunks' to get away with so much garbage for so many years.  How can so many people want to destroy our country in so many different ways? The wise man who said "power is corrupting" must have had a future lens into our legislative structure. From bribery to sexual mis-conduct to outright stealing to murder to multiple capitol offenses including lying under oath, illicit wiretaps, leaking sensitive and confidential info, violation of positional authority and on and on and on!! To top it off nicely, we can listen to CNN and hear the most ridiculous excuse-making or direction pointing accusations along with overt threats of violence to our President and his administration. Well, it is quickly coming to a point where there is so much CRAP being brought to light, even the FAKE News Media is finally seeing it for what it is! Perhaps in the near future, we may yet see another campaign promise full-filled ----- that would be the actual DRAINING OF THE SWAMP!!!!. We are getting close and perhaps; just maybe, we can get the 'skunks' out of the garbage and put in some leaders willing to do what the people want! Let's help make this country great again!  


Be safe out there and have a great time RVing in SAFETY and in FREEDOM! 


B-T-W, our e-mail is rbimobilervrepair@reagan.com.    




              Happy RVing!!   

 See you 'on-the-road'! .....and remember, Call me if you need me!




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