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Sometimes, it is the little things that make the big difference!!

Here's some handy info for you!


ALMOST SUMMER..... WELL, Spring, anyway!

It's that time of year when us "snowbirds" head back North! We'll be leaving here in a couple weeks to see if the snow is gone in New Hampshire! (see the note on 1st page)   

 That being said, it is time for you to go check out your RV and start getting it ready for another GREAT camping season! This year, you need to focus on your roof and all the joints and seams that can allow leaks to occur. Inspect your roof carefully. If the caulking is dried out and cracking, it's time for a touch-up or time to replace it. If your roof is showing black spots or cracking in any places or if it is peeling or scaling, it's time for a thorough scrubbing and treatment with a new seal coating applied.  (You can call Anthony in Atl. for a quote and/or an inspection .... 770-546-9779) If you are a do it yourselfer, use Dicor Lap Sealant for caulking, or any product as good or better NO G.E. SILICON or Flexseal please!  For sealing the rubber roof, use Heng's or comparable product. These are available at most RV dealers. Always remember this ... use NO citrus products on your rubber roof. They tend to break down the material used in the roof. Dawn or Joy dishsoap works best.  Most importantly...... be safe and careful on your roof! A fall can be catestrophic and NO ONE wants or needs that! 

I hope you have a joyful summer season and you get to go and see some of this gorgeous country that's waiting for you!


BTW---- no opining this time!   Just be sure to vote this Fall and remember who cares about you as a citizen! Let's DRAIN-the-SWAMP! 

Be safe out there and have a great time RVing in SAFETY and in FREEDOM! 


B-T-W, our e-mail is rbimobilervrepair@reagan.com.    




              Happy RVing!!   

 See you 'on-the-road'! .....and remember, Call me if you need me!




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