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SUMMER...(Well, Almost)....2017!!


     You know what?  It is still a great day to be an American! I thank God often for allowing me the privelege of being born in this country! I can not imagine what it would be like to be born.....well, anywhere else but here! We have the best country and the greatest country in the world! In spite of all the liberal B.S. being spouted in the news, in spite of the whining little "snowflakes" crying in the wind, inspite of all the 'unhappy minorities' who have more rights and freedoms here than anywhere else in the world, in spite of those would "do us harm", America is still the best place in the world and we need to help our President to continue making America great again! It is time to stand up and say ENOUGH OF THE CRAP!!!!! Clinton LOST!!!! Trump WON!!!!.......now let's get on about fixin' what's broke! It has become more than tiring and more than ridiculous the way the LOSERS (Democrats) are conducting themselves. Look, we weren't happy when B.O. won the last eight years, but we let him try and let him attempt to destroy this country.....let's see...."...ughhhh, join us as we fundamentally change this country........"! Spoken at his inaugural speech like a true ......enough.....don't want to act like "them"!  Time to get about doing the right things and repairing the damage done in the past eight. Be vocal, stand up for what's right, and be sure your representatives are doing exactly that! If not, let's vote 'em out and put in those who will do the right thing! ------a little side-note here.  The other day, we were at a fairly popular restaurant here in Manchester, NH. We were seated at the bar area where televisions were actually turned on to Fox News and ESPN! I made a comment about Nancy Pelosi and some other liberal whose face popped up on the screen. My wife shushed me saying "you need to be quiet, you might upset someone in here." I almost made a scene! It hit me pretty hard that that is EXACTLY what has been going on for the past few years. I am DONE being 'shushed' by my wife or by anyone else who might be worried that I might offend another person! GET OVER IT!  We have had to for the past 8 years PLUS! It's our turn to fix what you broke!

OK. I have ranted enough for now. You get my point.  Oh, by the way, if I have offended you, you are welcome to call me or just leave my website. Just don't expect an apology!

Tech tips will return in a couple weeks. Be safe out there and have a great time RVing in FREEDOM!


B-T-W, our e-mail is rbimobilervrepair@reagan.com.    




              Happy RVing!!   

 See you 'on-the-road'! .....and remember, Call me if you need me!




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