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Sometimes, it is the little things that make the big difference!!

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SUMMER..... WELL, almost Fall!

Rving up here is a totally different breed of cat.  Folks here take their RVs to a campground and park it for the season on a lot set up for all summer.  Weekends are extremely busy in almost every campground around. Most are on lakes or rivers and are generally full! I keep finding new campgrounds to go to every week! The thing here is to go to "The Camp" every weekend AND All vacation, too!

     We are enjoying life in New England. Next month, we will take a 10 day New England trip with my Brother and his wife. We will explore northern Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Looking forward to the mountain experiences! In October, Sandy and I will head out West again. We will do the Northern route through New York, Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, to Denver and then back through Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and into Georgia for a wedding in November. As usual, we are getting excited about the trip and the new experiences and people we will see and meet.

 Who knows, maybe we will see you on the road!

BTW---- no opining this time!   Just be sure to vote this Fall and remember who cares about you as a citizen! Let's DRAIN-the-SWAMP! 

Be safe out there and have a great time RVing in SAFETY and in FREEDOM! 


B-T-W, our e-mail is rbimobilervrepair@reagan.com.    




              Happy RVing!!   

 See you 'on-the-road'! .....and remember, Call me if you need me!




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