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SPRING..(Well, Almost)....2017!!


     It is a GREAT day to be an American!! Regardless which side of the divide you find yourself, all must admit that things are getting better. I consider it pure joy to wake up in the morning and be able smile knowing that another day has come about providing another opportunity for our President to continue Making America Great again!  Has there ever been anyone to fill the office of President  that has demonstrated more energy, promise-keeping and positive achievement than Donald Trump!?  No, I don't agree with everything he says and does, but I am soooooo sick of "political-correctness" and 'snowflakes' getting offended that I am willing to lend much lattitude to a bit of refreshing rudeness and abruptness of which President Trump seems to have plenty of! It is, indeed, high time that some one has the kahunas to stand up to the lying liberals and the horrid media! Hurray!!! for the Big Guy!!  OK, enough politics!


     A great big "Thank YOU" to all of you out there who sent me or called with well-wishes through-out my Bi-lateral Knee Replacement. The surgery was a complete success and I am so glad I had it done. Never did I think I would see the day I could again walk with no knee-pain! Dr. Hodari Brooks of Atlanta-Orthopedics Group in Douglasville, GA and his staff were outstanding! 


     Tomorrow, 2/13/2017, Sandy and I embark on a month-long Western trip in our trusty Sunnybrook fifth wheel behind our Big Red Dodge.  Heading to Denver to a much needed family time with our two sons and their families. We will watch our two Grandsons .... Evan and JT   (8 and 5 respectively) wrestle in Colorado Youth Competion. Should be an exciting time! From Denver, we'll head to parts afar in Arizona etc. seking a wintering harbor for next year. Much to see and do out there! We'll stop in Louisiana on our return to see our middle son and family at Ft. Polk where he is stationed (Captain in the Army). Grand-daughter (8) and Grandson (5) growing up too quickly! Hopefully, we will stop and viisit friends along the way back to Georgia. Will be 'back at it' in the middle of March until we head to New Hampshire at the end of May.


     Just a short Tech Tips today.  The #1 enemy of your RV is WATER. Be sure to take the time to repair all leaks and eliminate the possibilty of rot or mold. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way in RV care.   #2 enemy is LACK of USE.  So, get out there with your RV all year and enjoy it.  Besides, using it keeps it in good shape.


     Take care and enjoy your RVing!!  


 B-T-W, our e-mail is rbimobilervrepair@reagan.com.    




              Happy RVing!!   

 See you 'on-the-road'! .....and remember, Call me if you need me!




***Tech tips will be placed on this page seasonally.


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